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Reading Ambassadors 

Reading Ambassadors at Stephenson have a very important role in school.


There are two key purposes for the Reading Ambassadors: 

  • Support younger children in developing their reading skills; 

  • Promote and share a love for reading. 


Each reading ambassador has a younger child to read with one lunch time a week. During this time they:

  • Listen to the younger child read;

  • Ask questions about the book so that they can help the younger understand;

  • Model reading by reading a book to the younger child; 

  • Add a comment to the younger child’s home school reading record to communicate the reading from the session with staff and parents;

  • Talk positively and share their love for reading with the younger child. 


Reading Ambassadors also have time in the library one lunch time a week in order to organise books, make book recommendations and develop ideas on how to share a love for reading with the school further. 

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