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We’re pleased to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021–2024 for our continuous innovation and commitment using technology to enhance teaching and learning. 


Our story

Stephenson Memorial Primary School, is an innovative learning environment that recognises that all its community has a right to continually learn and shape the future. It is desire to prepare children for their next stage of learning, is the reason why technology holds a central part in the schools teaching and learning pedagogical approach. In this day and age, connectivity, creativity and collaboration has never been more challenged, however at Stephenson Memorial, regardless of what is happening in the world, our drive for equal opportunities, raised aspirations and skills for life, have strengthened our community even further. As a school we have the passion to drive forward in order to provide the best outcomes for all.



Our shared vision of ‘Leading, Achieving, Believing’ is underpinned by values that recognise that we are all responsible for each others success in school.  With a self belief that everyone can lead change, and achieve their full potential, the vision is central to any decision making in the school.  It is constantly reviewed and evaluated, alongside current research in order to maintain the high standards that we have set ourselves and the community that we serve.  There is a long term commitment by all stakeholders that this culture, will continually drive change, enable us to ensure that we adapt to the world around us and prepare our children for a life unimaginable, whilst still achieving their full academic potential.


With iPad, learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Teachers use a mixture of iPad and MacBook to set children pre-teaching tasks to complete at home or school. The unique functions of iPad Accessibility settings allow all children to engage with the tasks, they might use dictation to support their writing, or Speak Selection to help with reading. These tools are necessary for some but great for all. Students develop personalised workflow, combining a range of different learnings styles and Apps.

They connect to the online world selecting relevant resources to support ideas inspiring them to engage in real world projects with authentic outcomes.  We empower our students to design their own learning path, by facilitating learning, in creative and engaging ways.   In Year 5, students represented their understanding of the movement of planets by using Camera, Stop Motion and Clips to create a visual and audio explanation which they shared via Seesaw.


All our staff are Apple Teacher certified, providing the foundations to design their own professional learning path to continue to innovate with Apple Technology , transforming teaching and learning.  Our Apple Regional Training Centre is a great way for teachers to showcase how they leverage technology in new and innovative ways, sharing good practice with a global education community and the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Mrs Carr 2019.jpg

Lynsey Carr

Digital Learning Lead

What's next?

We have been using evidence based research to renew our standpoint and build upon our existing ethos but in a bigger and better way!  Leading, achieving and believing will be replaced with ‘intellectually creative and curious’ and a three year plan, showing how technology is the bloodline of all strategic areas within school, is being created.  Integrated technology sums up perfectly how we see our school, Apple Technology lives and breathes through all we do, ensuring learning can be accessed by all.

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