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Behaviour at Stephenson


We feel that these three rules encompass all of the positive behaviours which we would expect to see from all of our children.  At the beginning of the year, the children were asked what we thought each of the rules meant and a summary is outlined below:


READY - ready to come to school, ready to learn, ready to listen, ready to work with peers.


SAFE - to know that school is a safe place to be, to be safe with our friends, to act in a safe manner in school.


RESPECTFUL - to respect each other, to respect adults in and out of school, to respect our own and each other’s property.


 Our behaviour system is based on a positive praise approach and the children are rewarded whenever they display ‘ready’, ‘safe’ or ‘respectful’ behaviour.

We have three routines which we all follow in school, which are ‘good manners’ ‘fantastic walking’ and ‘excellent lunchtime behaviour’.  Throughout the day, all adults are looking out for these good behaviours and children are praised and rewarded for showing these.


We are very proud of our children and how well they have taken this onboard and we hope that they are continuing to follow our rules in and out of school.  We are asking that in order to support us in our work, that you talk to your children about our rules.  It is important that children see that we are all working together.

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