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Home Reading Scheme

We strive for all children to become competent readers, who enjoy and understand a text, reading for pleasure and a purpose. Our reading scheme is progressive and support children on their reading journey. 


Reading Scheme


We have a progressive reading scheme to develop each child’s reading skills and become a fluent competent reader. Our reading scheme is made up of books from Bug Club, Ginn and Oxford Reading Tree. Children will be placed on a colour band and checked regularly to ensure each child is reading at the most appropriate band to support their reading development.

Reading Plus 


Children at Stephenson also have access to their own Reading Plus account. This assesses the current reading level of the children and provides a wide range of appealing texts for the children to read electronically. Each text has questions for the children to answer to determine how much of that text the child has understood. Tips and support are provided to help the children get at least 80% of the questions correct. A guided window is used to support reading at a pace that aids understanding and supports progression in the speed of each child’s reading without compromising their understanding. 


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Home School Reading System 


Children have taken home high frequency words to practise daily. They also take home a Reading Scheme book with a Reading Record every Friday to read over the weekend. This is then returned on Mondays. A quarantine system of 72 hours is in place for these books. 


Key Stages 1 and 2

Each child has taken home a book from class libraries to read for fun. When the book has been read at home, it is to be returned to school and a new one will be sent home. 

These books are sent home to be: 

  • Read by an adult to the child to enjoy;

  • Read by the child with help from an adult to enjoy;

  • Read by the child to an adult to share a book they are enjoying. 


Our aim and purpose of this is to just enjoy time reading a book and for our children to share a love for reading with family at home. It is important to remember that the book has been chosen by  each child, therefore it may not be at the reading level the child is currently working at. This is why it is important for parents at home to engage in reading this book with their child to support when necessary. 

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